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A Day of Firsts, and Halloween Costume Fun

I'm a 22 year-old live-in caregiver for a 25-year old with Down Syndrome. There are times when she cracks me up. The following is just one of those times in the last week:

My housemate has decided she wants to be Lady Dracula for Halloween. So we went out and got the only kind of fangs I can get her to wear - soft rubber ones that I could trim down to where they'll actually fit her mouth. There are teeth you can get where you use temporary adhesive, but she was afraid they'd never come off. So I trimmed the hell out of the rubber set because her mouth is TINY, got her some fake edible gel... I must say, she looks quite the little demon. The only problem is that she's decided she wants to wear a string of big white plastic pearls with the costume... it looks a bit ridiculous, but hey, whatever.
That day (Saturday) was a day of "firsts" for her. First fangs, first scary costume as a whole, first sushi... *darts eyes* Never feed sushi to an 8 year old. Or a 25 year old who has the mentality of an 8 year old. At first when she took a bite, I was sure she was going to spit it out and yell "yuck!" I got lucky, though, as she was having a "I'm a 25-year old" moment. She swallowed it and immediately asked to be excused so that she could go get lemonade. Her face was priceless. Damn I'm going to miss some aspects of this job in 8 months... I was really proud of her, though. We've talked a lot in the last year about how to act age-appropriate and how to hold on to her age in public, and she handled the situation really well.
Yesterday she said, "You're a great mom." I asked what made her think I'll be a good mom someday, and she said, "Well, you help people, and you love people, and you care about them. You're great." I have to say, I disagree with the idea that I'd be a good mom, but it was a nice compliment.
By the way, does anyone remember the Fairy Tale Theatre videos? You know, the ones that came out as a tv mini-series about 20 years ago, and then got made into VHS videos? They're actually kinda cute... mostly corny and a bit annoying now that I've grown up, but they're kinda cute. I've been inundated with them for the last three weeks, as that's all my housemate's been bringing home. Supposedly she's bringing home one today or tomorrow that she says "fits me." Should I be offended, then, that the title is "The Princess Who Never Laughed"??
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